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Website statement

Since I was advertising this website on Twitter, someone asks me ‘why not just send the code instead of advertising’? What’s this website for? So I’d like to answer the question here.

Let’s first have a look at the process of getting a referral from strangers in social network, such as Twitter and BBS. At the very beginning, Mr. A would be seeking help. ‘Can anybody send me a referral’? After this is posted for one or two hours (at least), Mr. B, who is with Koodo, would answer ‘yes, please give me your full name and email’. Another one or two hours passed, and Mr A finally sees this message and send his name and email. Probably Mr B will notice the reply when it is sent another several hours ago. From the beginning to the end, it should be at least 6 hours, half daytime. In some cases, people are in Koodo store, waiting for the response. Even if you know someone with Koodo in real life, you still need to ask them to start their computer (slow) and login the new referral system (most people would forget the password, I believe).

With this website, this process could be simplified to seconds, with everything done all by yourself, instead of looking around for help. Why? Let me explain. Our new design is to lead you to provide information to Koodo directly, allowing immediate response from Koodo, which is even better than the previous greatly-simplified procedures. This website is now on the first position of the 2nd page, and still climbing. It’s becoming easier to find.

Another reason to use this website is that, you can protect your personal information on social network. I myself will never publish my real name or email address easily on Internet. No reason. Any advantage for you to let everybody know who you are? By using this website, you can effectively protect your personal information – no use & non-sense for me to collect lots of names or emails.

The purpose I build this website for is very simple. In late 2013, all the carriers were asked to decrease the contract period to two years. This sounds great. However, They increase the plan price more or less. We can say we get nothing from this change. But we can still benefit from their ‘programs’. Koodo Referral Program is an example. Koodo expects us to refer our family members and friends, while we could expend it to strangers through social network. is the platform that works this out much more efficiently than any other ways.

In summary, this website only aims at helping more people to save their money, rather than spreading virus or collecting personal information. You don’t need to worry about anything. If you like my website, just click the buttons below to share with other guys via social network, or share on BBS! Thanks!

Any further questions, please send email to starcold(at)