Koodo Mobile Referral Bonus


Why Do I Need Referral To Sign Up?

With referral, you get $25 from Koodo Mobile as credit to offset your future POSTPAID bill.

How Does It Work? (Step 1-2-3)

Step 1. Use the section below to provide you full name and email BEFORE you go sign up with Koodo Mobile. Once this step is done, there will be an email from Koodo Mobile, which will be needed later. [Direct Link] https://referafriend.koodomobile.com/aeay27a-a6l12De

Step 2. Go to a Koodo Mobile kiosk in a mall, or any third party dealer such as Walmart/Best Buy/The Mobile Shop/London Drugs/WOW Mobile and get your Koodo Mobile phone number as a new customer. Not only new sign-ups, but also port-in, add-a-line, and migrated FROM Koodo Mobile prepaid are all considered as NEW CUSTOMER.

Step 3 (Very Important). Remember the email we got from Step 1? Find it (maybe in SPAM), and there is a link. Click it and submit your Koodo Mobile phone number. That’s it! All done!

Things To Know

  • This bonus referral credit only applies to POSTPAID customers.
  • Just signed up and forgot to take advantage of referral program? No hurt to try. Sometimes Koodo Mobile does give credit to late submission.