Koodo referral GIVEAWAY

Signing up or switch to Koodo postpaid with a referral, you’ll get a free $25 bill credit

Click👉 here, submit your name and email. Koodo will send you an email. Keep it.

After signing up with Koodo, you need to submit your phone number through the email Koodo sent to you. Check ‘spam’ if it is not in the inbox. If you don’t submit, you lose this bonus credit.

[See how it works in picture]

Please remember, a) this is for POST-PAID account b) do this before you set up the phone number c) after signing up, submit your phone number through the link in the email received from Koodo d) Stay with Koodo for at least 90 days, otherwise Koodo may take the bonus back.

If you see this website AFTER signing up, well, you can still try this out. It is not too late within 24 hrs or even a little bit longer. Cases have shown that people get approved for the credit in such situation.



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